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Faith Hospital – General and Chest Care

Welcome to Faith Hospital, a leading healthcare institution in Hyderabad established in 1983 by Dr. Mushtaq Ali. With a legacy of excellence spanning several decades, we take pride in providing comprehensive medical care for general and chest-related conditions. Our experienced team of doctors includes general physicians, pulmonologists, diabetologists, orthopedic specialists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, and more.



Our Mission:

At Faith Hospital, our mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare services with a focus on promoting wellness, preventing illness, and providing comprehensive treatment for general and chest-related conditions. We are dedicated to upholding the values of integrity, compassion, and professionalism in all aspects of patient care.

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We are honored to serve you and your family with experienced doctors, compassionate care, and a commitment to your well-being. Trust Faith Hospital as your healthcare partner, and allow us to provide comprehensive general and chest care to help you achieve optimal health.

Caring For The Health Of You And Your Family.

Expertise and Experienced Doctors:

Faith Hospital is home to a team of experienced doctors who specialize in various medical disciplines. Our skilled general physicians provide primary healthcare services, diagnosing and treating a wide range of general health conditions. Our pulmonologists are experts in diagnosing and managing respiratory diseases, ensuring the best possible care for patients with chest-related concerns. Additionally, our specialized doctors in diabetology, orthopedics, dermatology, and endocrinology bring their expertise to address specific medical needs.


Compassionate Care and Patient-Centered Approach:

At Faith Hospital, we believe in providing compassionate care that focuses on the well-being and comfort of our patients. Our dedicated healthcare professionals prioritize active listening, effective communication, and personalized attention to ensure that each patient’s concerns are addressed. We strive to create a warm and supportive environment where patients feel valued and understood throughout their healthcare journey.

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

Dr. Md. Mushtaq Ali

Dr. Md. Mushtaq Ali's extensive experience, compassionate approach, and commitment to excellence make him a trusted ally in your journey towards optimal health.

Dr. Md. Mukarram Ali

Dr. Ali's extensive knowledge, commitment to patient care, and dedication to respiratory health make him a trusted partner in your journey toward better breathing and overall.

Dr. Md. Mudassir Ali

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist - With a comprehensive medical background and 11 years of valuable experience, Dr. Md. Mudassir Ali is a distinguished healthcare professional dedicated.
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